Fr. Sep 22nd, 2023

Melon Protocol will launch version 2, renamed Enzyme Finance.

It promises new features, speed and cost-saving features.

The MLN token has skyrocketed in 2020, beating the majority of its DeFi comrades

Melon, the decentralized on-chain asset management protocol, is in the process of renaming itself on a theme closer to DeFi , called Enzyme Finance. Its MLN token was one of the top performers in 2020.

In short, Melon Pro allows individuals or organizations to manage their wealth and that of third parties on a decentralized asset management platform. It was founded in 2015 according to his blog post, and was named Melon from the Greek word meaning future, due to his ambitions at the time.

The Bitcoin Revolution software behind the fund management platform is now renamed Enzyme Finance. This name was chosen as a metaphor for how enzymes catalyze reactions while being made of related components.

They’re associated with speed, processing, simplicity, and fundamentals, whatever we want Enzyme to be. A fundamental infrastructure layer for the asset management industry.

The rebranding process from Melon to Enzyme Finance has started!

This, along with the upcoming v2 launch, marks a new chapter in Rocket on-chain asset management.

La version 2 d’Enzyme

It will be a gradual rebranding over the next four to six weeks, the statement added. The platform is currently being redesigned and will be relaunched with Enzyme v2. Enzyme Finance will be powered by existing MLN tokens but there will be no migration of these despite a change of logo.

The launch of version 2 is scheduled for the end of this year but no concrete date has yet been announced. It will bring a number of feature updates and a rework to the tokenomics. Some of the expected features include a much larger token base that users will be able to interact with, interaction with lending protocols and yield culture, and the ability to interact with pools of automated market makers ( automated market maker or AMM).

It will also be possible to convert funds into other currencies and stablecoin , speed up transactions and lower fees, and pool cash for transactions.

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