Fr. Sep 22nd, 2023

• IOTA20 ($IOTA20) has launched its presale phase, with tokens available at $0.00145 – 100x lower than the current IOTA price.
• Early investors in IOTA20 will have the opportunity to acquire a potentially lucrative stake in the project at the ground floor.
• The total token supply for IOTA20 is capped at 2,779,530,232, with half of these tokens up for grabs during the presale.

New Token Presale Launched on ETH

IOTA20 ($IOTA20), a new entrant in the crypto scene, has kickstarted its presale phase with an aim to tackle the hurdles confronted by its namesake, IOTA ($MIOTA). Early investors in IOTA20 ($IOTA20) have the opportunity to acquire $IOTA20 tokens during this presale phase for $0.00145, a price point that’s 100 times lower than the IOTA price today (approximately $0.17). Given the prior success of $MIOTA, many in the crypto community are already anticipating that IOTA20 could follow a similar trajectory – providing a potentially lucrative opportunity for early investors.

Early-Bird Opportunity For Crypto Investors

The launch of $IOTA20’s presale phase at has taken the low-cap crypto space by storm, presenting an opportunity for investors to buy into a promising project on the ground floor. To ensure fairness and high upside potential for all participants of this presale event, tokens are fixed at $0.00145 on sale day – over 100x lower than current market prices of MIOTAs (~$0.17).


Regarding tokenomics, IOTA20’s whitepaper notes that there is a total token supply capped at 2,779,530,232 which mirrors the original Iota’s cap; half of these tokens (1,389 530 282) will be available during presales period and can be acquired by early investors who anticipate high returns from their investment in this project.

Presale Allocation & Pricing

Presales allocation aims to provide fair distribution opportunities and create high upside potential through pricing: all participants get equal access to acquire newly minted tokens as soon as possible while enjoying competitive prices compared to regular open market rates (100x cheaper). This creates an attractive window of opportunity for early adopters seeking maximum profit potential from their investments before general public accesses open markets later down line..


In conclusion: IOTAs 20’s presales offer an incredible chance for early adopters looking to maximize their profits before general public accesses open markets later down line; given previous success rate of MIOTAs it is expected that investment into newly minted and fairly priced token can bring considerable amount ROIs when listing occurs afterwards so it is advisable not miss out on such great offer!

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